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Siddhars are the one who has attained siddhi. Siddhi in Tamil, South Indian language means “Perfection”, “Power”, “Prowess”, “Strength”, “Ability”, then a special kind of psychic and Supernatural,Miraculous, Occult Power. These who have attained intellectual level of perfection are called Siddhars. Siddhars were great scientist in ancient times. In ancient Tamil nadu, it is belived that siddhars lived during different periods, of them 18 siddhars are considered to be the most important siddhars.


There are 18 siddhars in Tamil Siddha tradition. Each of the siddhars had lived in various places under different names the following are the most common of the 18 siddhars they are listed inorder of their time period.

  1. Shri Pathanjali siddhar
  2. Shri Agasthiyar siddhar
  3. Shri Kamalamuni siddhar
  4. Shri Thirumoolar siddhar
  5. Shri Kuthambai siddhar
  6. Shri Korakkar siddhar
  7. Shri Thanvantari siddhar
  8. Shri Sundaranandar siddhar
  9. Shri Konganar siddhar
  10. Shri Sattamuni siddhar
  11. Shri Vanmeegar siddhar
  12. Shri Ramadevar siddhar
  13. Shri Nandeeswarar siddhar
  14. Shri Edaikkadar siddhar
  15. Shri Machamuni siddhar
  16. Shri Karuvoorar siddhar
  17. Shri Bogar siddhar
  18. Shri Pambaati siddhar

Powers Of Siddhars

There are 8 kind of Supernatural Powers called as Astama Siddhis, (ATTA – MA – SIDDHI) which could keep the body strong and perfect for external life where there is no death (or) rebirth.

  • Anima (Shrinking)
  • Mahima (Illimitability)
  • Lagima (Lightness)
  • Karima (Weight)
  • Prapthi (Fullfillment of desires)
  • Prakasysm (Irresistable will)
  • Isithavam (Supremacy)
  • Vasithavam (Dominion over the elements)

Siddhar Valmiki’s Thought

By Purifying the mind and attaining perfection one becomes a siddhar.

Siddhar Thirumoolar’s Thought

Those who live in yoga and see the divine light and power through yoga are called Siddhars.

One of the best known Siddhar Agasthiyar was the Father of Siddha culture

There are some features which are typical for all siddhars.

  • In sharp opposition to the bhakthi tradition, they refuse to allow themselves be carried away by idol worship in particular temples.
  • In contrast to bhakthi which emphasizes passionate devotion to God, the siddhar emphasize knowledge, yoga practise, and character, moral behaviour, right conduct. Anger, lust and egoism are the worst sins.
  • Almost all Siddhars raise a protest against caste and casteism.