Directorate of Research & Development

A/N.R.Pachaiappan Director Finance (R & D)

Sr. Prof. Dr. S. Letchoumanane Director (R & D)

Prof. A/N. Dr. M.V. Rabindranath Director , (R & D)

A/N.V.M.Rajasekaran Director-Siddha


Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi the founder Father of WCSC is a multi dimensional genius, simple and yet wholesome (Pouranam). Any facet or section of his teachings, it is complete and total. Research and Development was always his favorite as he wanted the scientist to take up his philosophy and hypothesis and study them in detail subject it into research. He expected the scientific community to absorb his philosophy into science wherever possible. Infact Maharishi was advocating and working for the unification of science and spirituality. The main object of Research and Development department is to achieve the same. The R&D department establish in principle in 2006 and was officially formalized in 2007.

R&D conducted the first SKY Doctors Conference on 16th, 17th & 18th Feb – 2007 at Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar, as its maiden event. It has taken up the study of personality development in Vision students. Benefits of Kayakalpa, Exercises and Meditation in arulnidies are also being studied. Mounam experiences and it’s depths are also studied. Research in the medical benefits of Mana Vala Kalai (MVK) Yoga in patients and its preventive abilities in normal subjects are also being studied.



  • Effectiveness and benefits of MVK practices to be studied scientifically and documented.
  • To study the scientific basis of MVK practices, Exercises, Kayakalpa and Meditation.
  • Philosophical concepts of Swamiji
    • Almighty or Arutperatral
    • Paramaanu or Vethon
    • Magnetism (Universal and Bio-magnetism)
    • Genetic Centre
    • Cause and effect system
    • Blessings, etc., are to be studied in detail to offer scientific backing.
  • To stimulate and spread Swamiji’s philosophies to various specialties by organizing conferences, seminars and workshops
  • To work out effective ways and means to spread MVK Yoga
  • Research in MVK Yoga education through Vision and WCSC

The philosophy and teachings of Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi provide humanity a spiritual, scientific, simple and practical way of living without conflicts within one’s own mind and guidance to resolve the conflicts in the society and in the community of nations. It is the earnest wish to Maharishi that all the secrets of philosophy and science blossomed in him must go to the human society and become the property of mankind.

All the conflicts that exist at various levels are due to lack of purity of thoughts, lack of clarity and peace in the mind and lack of realization that man is potentially divine. With a view to removing these deficiencies.

Maharishi has evolved a practical philosophy for harmonious living and to cater the same philosophy all over the world. As a vehicle for his work he founded the World Community Service Centre in 1958. His philosophy covers every aspect of our lives: body, mind and senses and hence is a total package comprising simple and effective exercises, KayaKalpa techniques to keep the body fit, Simplified Kundalini Meditation for a serene mind, self introspection techniques for purification of thoughts and Brahma Gnanam to realize the divinity in Man. Thousands of people have been benefited by this package which is a well-tested practical way for a harmonious, peaceful and purposeful life. There are now more than 200 affiliated branches of WCSC in India, Korea, Malaysia, Japan and USA. As an international service wing of WCSC the Research & Development has been formed.

This Trust is founded on the realization that the earth is one and the sea is one, although they seem to be several by the intervention of one another. Humanity is one and the goal of all is the same. Every one is born, lives and dies at a certain time. During the period of living one should understand the value of life, friendship and peace and lead a peaceful and harmonious life. To achieve this goal the realization of Truth and Consciousness is a must. With this light of knowledge each person is to do his duty to help others know the Truth and lead a successful life. We also acknowledge the fact that everyone’s life is intrinsically and inevitably linked with the whole of human society and that all the necessities of life are being produced by the labor and intellect of people throughout the past and in the present. This trust is constituted to help all people live in light of the above realisation and in UNITY, PROSPERITY AND PEACE.

Today’s world is full of problems at all levels, not due to Nature but mainly due to man’s misunderstandings and misconceptions. In the absence of a scientific approach, the various shades of religions have divided the people thus depriving them of their ability to love others. In the absence of a coherent and philosophical base, science is full of basic problems begging for fundamental solutions; likewise technology has been used more for destruction than for construction. In every country, rather than ethical behavior we see violent activities and a pathetic neglect of other’s feelings, comforts and freedom. Even in the family life there are innumerable problems for each individual, whether poor, affluent, educated or illiterate.

Even after witnessing the horrors of war and its cruel impact on the women and children, it is a matter of great regret that war is still considered a means to settle issues. After a war only the successful and efficient murderers are the survivors – the – so-called victors. If war continues on the earth we will be left with only a population of heartless murderers! Is that the situation we want to have?

Everywhere and in every mind there is a feeling that this situation should change. How can we bring about the required changes so that everyone would be free to enjoy a peaceful and secure life? The “Brain Trust” is a small step in that direction.

We must strive for a cultural evolution to suit the practical needs of the modern age. There are innumerable rituals and dogmas followed today. When examing them we see there are many which are entirely unnecessary and unsuitable. Of course, every ritual and its concepts originally had its own merit and benefits. But we find many of them are started in one place at one time according to specific needs and circumstances. Due to the natural course of cultural evolution life is constantly changing. Therefore, all rituals and other concepts are to be frequently analyzed and reformed. This could be done only with the have an international outlook and wish to sincerely serve humanity. For this service to sincerely serve humanity. For this service we have constituted a Brain Trust consisting of eminent people of various fields, humanitarians as well as scholars.

Maharishi’s teachings have the vitality to bring social, cultural and spiritual reform, being universal and scientific. This Trust endeavors to link world leaders, scientists, thinkers and teachers all over the world. With their co-operation and active participation the Trust strives to take Maharishi’s philosophy and teachings to classrooms through a syllabus structure, to the international scientific community through seminars and journals, and to the general public through all possible media. Through practice of simple meditation and introspection techniques systematized by Maharishi, people are enabled to develop in intuition so as to understand for themselves the subtle truths of Nature and life. By this work the Trust hopes to lay a foundation for a spiritual and cultural evolution, leading to realization of the higher human potential and the cosmic consciousness, which is working as an unfailing cause-and-effect system. Only if we can elevate the human consciousness through spiritual and cultural evolution would it be possible to counter and meutralise the strangleholds of groupism, misconceptions, and deleterious and wasteful habits.

It is the solemn duty of the Brain Trust to assist in bringing philosophers, scientists, thinkers and world leaders together so as to take the universal philosophy and external teachings of Maharishi to all people. This work is not a luxury; nor is it merely for academic rhetoric and aesthetic pleasure; it is an urgent need for mankind if the world is to be saved from greater suffering in future.

For further details and enquiry, please feel free to write to:

Directorate of Research & Development,
Arutperumjothi Nagar,
Aliyar – 642 101. Pollachi (Taluk),
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Ph: 04253 – 288552. Fax: 04253 – 288744.
E-mail: director.rnd@vethathiri.edu.in



Dr. SUBRAMANIAN LETCHOUMANANE is an Agricultural Scientist worked in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. His field of specialization is Agricultural Entomology and worked for 35 years in Crop Pests Management. His work involved teaching and research; thereby he had published 120 research papers. He is also a Naturalist taking more interest in the conservation of eco systems, bird watching, reading books on various philosophies and social works.

After retirement from the University services in the year 2001, he takes greater interest in helping the farming community in the field of plant protection, counseling farmers in organic farming and conservation of eco systems apart from teaching Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) as a senior professor of World Community Service Centre (WCSC).

From his early age of 14 he had developed quest to know the truth about God and its manifestations. He involved much in knowing the truths behind the various forms of veneration of God in the Indian traditional culture. He happened to meet a Guru, His Holiness Paranjothi Mahaan at his 18th year of age and developed greater interest to learn Kundalini Yoga. In this pursuit, he came across the works of Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi. When he contacted Maharishi through a letter, the Guru himself reached his village and blessed him with initiation in Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) in the year 1968.

He is one of the senior most disciples of Swamiji Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi. He was greatly attracted to the SKY system after reading of Swamiji’s books on World Peace, Altruism and Gnanamum Vaazhvum. The unique simplicity of Swamiji is in explaining the philosophy and his nature of insistence on Meditations, Introspection and Simplified Physical Exercises, captivated him to become Swamiji’s disciple. Even during his university curriculum of research and teaching, he devoted most of his available times, other than for his official duties, in practicing, teaching and spreading the SKY system. He found ample occasions to be with Swamiji and learned the deep philosophies about nature; particularly, about magnetism, its role in the transformation of the absolute space, the Divine, in to universe, living system and the interaction between them in the evolutionary process. He was with Swamiji in establishing SKY centres in many of the important towns, equally in remote villages in Tamil Nadu. On most of the holidays, he spent in conducting SKY classes travelling extensively.

After his retirement from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Service, he is dedicating himself fully in the services of WCSC, as Senior Professor of SKY and rendering valuable services in the field of Yoga for the past 47 years. At present serving as Director, Research and Development, a wing of the WCSC, dedicating in research projects related to the philosophy on “Benefits of Blessings”.

Earlier, while he was in the university service, he personally started conducting experiments on the influence of “Thought Waves” on plants and found the response to be positive on rose plants producing thorn less shoots with buds. He could not continue this research on “thought waves” while in the University service. Now, as Director, R & D., of WCSC he started conducting experiments on the influence of Bio – Electromagnetic Energy (Bio – EM) on plants. Towards this project Dr Vijay K Gupta, Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA and his wife Mrs Indira Gupta helped in getting a grant of US $ 31,000/- from Give2Asia.

This experiment on the influence of Bio – EM was initiated at Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar, Tamil Nadu The Bio – EM was passed on to plants as thought waves by way of blessings. Bhendi crop (Okra) was selected for study, as it was a short term crop vegetable. The yield from blessed plots was surprisingly more (60%) than the yield from unblessed plots.

To explore further the Effect of Bio – EM on plants scientifically, an MOU was signed with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, for a collaborative research in this regard. This project will be completed in 2017 and published in science journal.

Further research in this line, particularly influence of Bio – EM in developing drought resistance in plants will be made which will be useful in raising crops in drought prone areas. We have plans also to explore the impact of Bio – EM in improving self-health through auto suggestions.

In this research I am trying to get a device to measure the outflow of Bio – EM from the individual. This will help to analyze well the results and decide on the interactions.

In this endeavor, we solicit grant of funds from benevolent organizations/ individuals.