The Directorate of Other States and Foreign Countries

The Directorate of Other States (Indian States other than Tamilnadu, India) and Foreign Countries (other than India) known as “OSFC”, is one of main Directorates of the World Community Services Centre Organisation. The scope and functions of OSFC extends beyond barriers of geographical borders and languages.

OSFC is bestowed upon with responsibility to spread the Vethathirian principles and practices, as enunciated by Founding Father Maharishi Vethathiri, in all the countries across globe and all the states of India except state of Tamil Nadu.

As of now, total of 164 Meditation Centres/Sub Centres and 55 Trusts and 340 Sub Centres of Other States (State other than Tamil Nadu, India), comes under the purview of this Directorate.

Vision & Aim of OSFC

OSFC aims to spread Vethathirium concepts by making it available in multiple languages. It is creating a Digital footprint of Swamiji’s teaching (e-Connecting SKY) across the worldwide in the languages dear to all i.e their mother tongue.

To support the OS and FC Centres in their endeavour to spread SKY Yoga in their regions and to support all the Directorates as required.

To create a common platform and best practice sharing among the OS and FC.

To get International accreditation to WCSC of organisations like UNO, UNESCO etc.

The Directorate

The Directorate of OSFC has 3 members and is headed by Shri Balachandran Ganesan as Director, who is associated with the WCSC for more than 35 years.

Mrs. Jayanthi Balachandran and Shri Rajasekaran R are the other two members serving as Joint Directors. All 3 members had the fortune to assist Maharishi Vethathiri during his foreign visits on several occasions and still continuing the journey with vision of One World SKY Community Worldwide.

Directorate of OSFC is credited with spreading the SKY practices throughout globe and has been instrumental in opening of new centres abroad and many states within India. In earlier days personal visit was main method to connect with people which is quite relevant and primary means of connecting with SKY family around the globe as of date but advancement of technology has opened many other avenues for spreading the SKY practices. Some of initiative taken up by OSFC in recent years includes:

  • VeWa – Waves of Vethathiri, a monthly e-newsletter in English.
  • YouTube & Others – Creating worldwide digital footprints through social media platform.
  • Vetha Pearls and VeWa International – Moving WCSC beyond geographical and language barriers.

Office Bearers

A/N. G. Balachandran


A/N. Jayanthi Balachandran
Joint Director


A/N. R. Rajasekaran
Joint Director


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