Advantages of Homeopathy

  • It has no side-effects, whatsoever.
  • Easy to be taken even by non-co-operative children .Small sweet pills, drops, powders — a dream of patient and doctor!
  • Easy to manufacture on mass level in large quantities, even at short notices as in epidemics .No panic of shortage.
  • It is cheaper .So suitable for mass distribution and government and charity supplies.
  • It is holistic in approach, so cures patientt perfectly. Gentle cures, no medicinal hang over. Or after-effects.
  • In an expert’s hands, it is very accurate and fast [though many thinks it to be slow.
  • It has prophylactic value with more accuracy than vaccinations and that too without side-effects of vaccines.
  • It has a great working in trauma, burn, stroke, mental shock.
  • It has a potential of wide coverage of specialities like paediatrics, skin, gynaec and obstetrics, orthopaedics, psychiatry, etc.

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