WCSC’s Education Wing

(Centre for Yoga and Spiritual Education)

“My mission is character building through education beyond” – Founder – Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi

“The VISION for Wisdom – Educational wing of WCSC is a vital body with educational orientation, training and rural empowerment”- President SKM. Maeilanandhan.”

“WCSC has experience of Yoga Education for more than 60 years. VISION (Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education) for Wisdom is South India’s leading Yoga and Spiritual Education Institute imparting education from Certificate to PhD. Levels.”

WCSC functions under the following education wings:

Einstein is often quoted as having said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” WCSC’s education wing aims at providing overall intellectual, spiritual education under the augustness of a timeless Master’s teachings. An education which gathers momentum to unite humans with compassion.

Real education is not just for the fulfilment of external, social and economic commitments, it is also for the inner understanding and the growth of personality at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. WCSC under its different Directorates offers an assortment of courses catering to everyone’s need.

With the strong and able group of faculty and teachers it aims at empowering individuals of all ages and classes providing education to all the seekers.


  • To empower youth to shape him/her to the best
  • To provide holistic education to all
  • To guide youth towards holistic health


VISION for Wisdom is South India’s leading Yoga and Spiritual Education Institute imparting education from Certificate to PhD.

  • 14 Years experience in world-class yoga education
  • MOU with 30 Universities ( 29 Indian Universities and 1 Foreign University)
  • 180 VISION training Centres

60 years of empowering the human mind

In 2004, founder Vethathiri Maharishi established VISION for Wisdom (Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education).

Since then it has grown into an academic foundation of excellence, to produce many certificate holders from certificate level to the Ph.D. level by MoU programmes with 30 Universities including 1 foreign University.

SKY Yoga Education and practices are taught by over 180 WCSC Affiliated VISION training centres, functioning as Yoga and Spiritual Education centres along with over 2400 SKY mediation centres in India and Abroad.



✓ Imparting SKY Yoga on Educational platform, across the globe
✓ Integrating the therapeutic traditions with drugs and without drugs, focusing more on Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga Disciplines, that are part of the rich tradition of our Nation which are recognized and gradually adopted world over.
✓ To identify the existing authoritative manuals on above disciplines and to provide an intellectual foundation for further research
✓ To provide technical personnel with training in drug less therapy
✓ To identify the physiological, psychological and social problems of individuals and understanding the need to reduce the intensity of those problems
✓ Finding out logical solutions through promotion of skill transfer among youth, women and working groups; training in skill development with able body, stable mind and rational thinking; and conducting research for promotion of innovative ideas and new skills, suitable to the changing lifestyles.

VISION to create a Transformational Society

The VISION for Wisdom – Educational wing of WCSC is a vital body with educational orientation, training and extension and rural empowerment.

Courses Offered Click here

• Yoga for Human Excellence (YHE) for General Public, corporates, government, private organisations etc
• Yoga for Youth Empowerment (YYE) – exclusively for the promotion of SKY Yoga Education, Practices and Holistic Health (Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social Health) among the Student Community through Educational Institutions.

The courses are designed with a holistic perspective for training the body and mind, through ancient well researched techniques of SKY system. They are supported by the Simplified Physical Exercises, meditative practices, thought and introspection practices and the Legendary practice of Kayakalpa for postponing ageing process etc.

Making History, for creation of a bright future

Over the last two decades VISION has set standards in experimental education and sharpening the knowledge across various fields. We have reached beyond borders, to universities and corporates across India and the world. Nurturing these relationships, we have inculcated our students with international standards of education, provided them with good infrastructure and a world class institution.

Chart your own course

As a student of Vision, you will experience unparalleled freedom in choosing your own future. There are wide variety of choices in conventional courses, and non-conventional course through certificate programs, Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Doctoral programs in every discipline. You will discover the cutting edge of specializations like genetic engineering, Cosmos, observation of dark matter, nano particles, Neutrino etc. and other diverse knowledgebase studies under a single umbrella.

Build global bridges

Through blended web-based system, you can learn virtually from any part of the world. It provides International dimension in terms of Spiritual knowledge and Yoga practices. You will find yourself brushing shoulders with foreign students being taught by our foreign SKY faculty who are experienced, with long tenures and rich experience.

Exercise every edge

Guidance by top Yogic faculties and Outstanding Personalities, in India and Abroad; libraries and teaching aids dedicated to each stream. At VISION the advantages you seek are all around you, waiting for you to grab them and create your own future.

Academy for Educational Programs

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A scholastic college that serves for the upliftment of the individual students to world citizens is Vethathiri Maharishi College of Yoga, a pioneering Institute providing International standards of Yoga education.

Started in 2017 with a vision to empower the youth, by nurturing and instilling the morals of brotherhood, actively volunteering to become Ambassadors of World peace through SKY practices and providing quality education.

The college first of its kind in South India dedicated to yoga, was started to fulfil the Vision of Vethathiri Maharishi. The college offers Certificate courses, full time, regular, English medium course on Bachelour of Science (B.Sc), Master of Science (M.Sc), Masters of Art and Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga For Human Excellence (YHE) courses. It has ambitious plan to start M.Phil and Ph.D (Doctrate) in near future and to set up a world class, technology driven infrastructure.

Holistic Health in Physical, Mental, Societal spheres for an individual are offered to humanity in the form of Spiritual Education, whereby every student groom himself/herself to Karma Yoga (duty consciousness and virtuosity) style of living.