The President has formed the following Directorates and has appointed suitable Senior Professors / Professors of SKY to serve in these Committees to streamline WCSC Administration and to implement the projects most effectively.

Directorate of Vision for Wisdom

Organize different courses of SKY Yoga system of Yoga by the Universities.To bring World Peace through Individual Peace.

  • Vision for Wisdom
  • Research & Development
  • Temple of Consciousness
  • Jothi Siddha Clinic
  • Homeopathy
  • SKY Research Clinic

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Directorate of Smart

Selection of Masters and Training – to select different levels of Masters and impart training to them in the SKY system. The task now is to Train Thousands, Who shall tour the Globe and spread the tenets of World Peace.

  • Smart Directorate Activities
  • Selection, Training and Promotion
  • Self Assessment Report
  • Master

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Directorate of Publications

To attend the works relating to Publications of Books written by Maharishi through Vethathiri Publications and Publication of ‘Anboli’ monthly Magazine of WCSC, preparation of CD, DVD Brochures etc., to propagate the system of Yoga practices and Maharishi’s Philosophy.

  • Publications Directorate Activities
  • Anboli Magazine

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Directorate of Extension

To improve the development activities of all the WCSC Zones, Affiliated Trusts and SKY Mediation Centres in TamilNadu, Other States and Foreign Countries. Web Site, Information Technology, etc., in the SKY system of Yoga Practices.A Wing of World Community Service Centre

  • Extension Directorate Activities
  • It-Department Activities

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Directorate of Finance

To enhance the funds position of the WCSC.

  • Finance Directorate Activities

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