The Aliyar Declaration 2002

World peace can only be achieved when there is peace within every individual, which then extends to the family, society and nation.

The Aliyar Declaration is the proud product of the World Congress on Global Vision and Strategies for Peace, Nonviolence and Harmony, held at Aliyar, Tamil Nadu, India, from August 10-13, 2002.

More than 1,000 people, comprising delegates from various countries of the world, attended the Congress. The Declaration is the collective wisdom of eminent personalities who addressed the Congress, together with participatory inputs from all delegates.

The World Congress was jointly organised by the Brain Trust of the World Community Service Centre, Madurai Kamaraj University, Gandhigram Rural Deemed University and the Association for Sarva Seva Farms.

The Aliyar Declaration is a global plan of action aiming to

  • Establish one world federal government
  • Strive for universal agreement on One Truth, One Religion
  • Realize economic justice for all
  • Inculcate universal respect and recognition for the greatness of womanhood
  • Impart holistic education
  • Reform existing political ethos and governance
  • Give priority to protection of human rights
  • Review the philosophical foundation of science

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