Mr. SKM Maeilanandhan, Chairman, SKM Group of Companies, started the SKM Health and Mind Welfare Charity Trust a Non-Profit Charitable Organization in the year 1989 at Erode with the blessing of Spiritual Scientist, Swami Vethathiri Maharishi for establishing the Siddha Medicine to the welfare of the suffering humanity. SKM Siddha Pharmaceuticals manufacturing Siddha medicines right from the year 1989 for the in house hospital use and the products are being licensed in the year 1997.

The medicines are being manufactured in a clinically clean environment, adopting the highest degree of hygiene by following Good Manufacturing Practices as per the new GMP amendments of Drugs and Cosmetics Act.2001. Please find below the list of medicines and the indications and you are requested to buy and use as per your need.

  • The indications given are directly translated from colloquial Tamil and few will not exactly correlate with the medical term.
  • For Dosage and mode of use refer the label of the products.


If you are suffering from any disease, contact our clinic through phone (or) e-mail. If you want any medicine, we will send it through courier or postal service (Domestic and International service is available)


  Name of the Medicine Indications
1. Aswagandi Legiyam General debility, tremor, Anaemia, Rejuvenator, Nervine Tonic.
2. Inji Legiyam Indigestion, belching, anorexia and vomiting.
3. Sathaveri Legiyam Urinary tract disease, menstrual disorders, Excessive body heat, burning eyes and
4. Dhathukalpa Legiyam General debility, augments the milk secretion. Rejuvenator. Increase the Quality
and Quantity of the sperm.
5. Thoothuvalai Legiyam Cough, Respiratory tract infections, Sputum, Bronchial Asthma.
6. Thetrankottai Legiyam Piles, Fistula – Maintains general health.
7. Nellikkai Legiyam Common cold and other respiratory diseases. Increases Immunity, Rejuvenator, Liver
8. Vallarai Legiyam Loss of memory, increases the metabolic functions of the brain, Brain fatigue.
9. Venpoosani Legiyam Coolant, regulates body temperature, pitha disorders, Burning eyes, Burning soles,
Burning Micturition.
10. Athirshta Rasayanam Piles, Pain in the heels, skin diseases, Blood purifier.
11. Thippili Rasayanam Chronic bronchits, Wheezing & other kappa diseases.
12. Kumari Ennai All types of piles, constipation, worm infestations.

Oil – Thailam (EXTERNAL)

  Name of the Medicine Indications
1. Aswaganda Balalakshathi Thailam General oil used for taking oil bath for all types of diseases. esp vatha, Body
pain, Weakness, Strengthens the Muscle and Nerves. Rejuvenator. BATHING OIL.
2. Kumari Thailam Coolant, Redness & Irritaion of eye. HAIR OIL.
3. Sivappu Kukkil Thailam All types of arthritis, best pain killer, burns, fissures in foot, sprains. Hot
water Fomentation gives best results.
4. Neeli Bhirungadi Thailam Grey Hair, Dandruff, Hair Falling. HAIR OIL.
5. Poduthalai Thailam Itching in the Scalp,Dandruff. HAIL OIL.
6. Vathakesari Thailam All types of Vatha diseases, myalgia.

Tablets (INTERNAL)

  Name of the Medicine Indications
1. Amukkara Choorana Tablet Increases Immunity, Cough and Sputum, General Tonic, Nervous Debility. Good for
children to elder people.
2. Kasthuri Tablet Especially for children, cold and cough, mucolytic agent helps in mucus filled Chest
3. Elathy Choorana Tablet Peptic ulcers, Allergic Skin diseases, insectbites Antacid.
4. Kasukatti Tablet Dental carries, Gingivities, best when used in halitosis (Bad Breath) CHEWABLE TABLET.
5. Seerana Sanjeevi Tablet Indigestion, belching, diarrhea. Gas formation in the stomach.
6. Thalisathi Vadagam Throat infection, cough. CHEWABLE TABLET.
7. Ponnavarai Choorana Tablet Constipation, Skin Diseases KAYAKALPA MEDICINE.
8. Karisalai Karpam Tablet All types of skin disease and Jaundice KAYAKALPA MEDICINE.
9. Thiripala Karpam Tablet Peptic ulcers, Repeated ulcers in the Tongue & Lips, Heart burn – Acidity, diabetes.
10. Vilvam Tablet Reduces blood sugar level & tingling sensation of the extremities (limbs). KAYAKALPA
11. Gnanavalli (Vallarai) Capsules Loss of memory, enhances protein metabolism of the brain cells. Anxiety neurosis.
12. Marutham Capsules High Blood Pressure, High Cholestrol Level.
13. Neerkovai Tablet Congested and infected nasal sinuses. Headache, Running Nose. EXTERNAL APPLICATION.

Powders – Chooranams

  Name of the Medicine Indications
1. Astavarga Chooranam Indigestion, Flatulance, Abdominal pain, loss of appetite. Acidity (reflux oesophagitis)
2. Orithal Thamarai Chooranam Increases the viscosity of semen. Urinary tract diseases. Male Rejuvenator.
3. Nathaichoori Chooranam Herbal Coffee – reduces excessive cholesterol level and excessive body weight.
4. Thaleesadhi Chooranam Cough, Cold, Sneezing, Running Nose, chest Congestion.
5. Thulasi Chooranam Cough, Cold for children as decoction with honey.
6. Thoothuvalai Chooranam Respiratory diseases especially Bronchitis.
7. Navalkottai Chooranam Reduces blood sugar level and frequent urination.
8. Nilavarai Chooranam Constipation, Worm infestations.
9. Ponnavarai Chooranam Constipation, skin diseases.
10. Vallarai Chooranam CNS activator, memory booster.
11. Amukkara Chooranam General tonic, as like Amukkara Tablet.
12. Sivanvembu Chooranam All types of skin diseases.
13. Kuliyal Chooranam General bath powder, skin diseases. EXTERNAL APPLICATION.
14. Thantha Chooranam Tooth powder, Bleeding gums, EXTERNAL APPLICATION
15. Multhanimatti Chooranam Pimples & Black Sports (EXTERNAL APPLICATION WITH ROSE WATER)
16. Special Tooth Powder Bleeding Gums, Tooth ache, Canine Teeth, EXERNAL APPLICATION.