Science Of Sexuality


Sex and Spirituality

Birth and death occur through emission of sexual vital fluid. This is the law of nature. Physical health and mental health are dependent on the maintenance of sexual vital fluid both in quality and quantity. To develop a progressive civilized society conscientious knowledge about sexuality is also essential. Sexual desire is the rise of normal feel in every body and it is natural.

Life force and Bio – magnetism

Life force particles are circulating all over the body (‘astral body’) having their functional center at the center of the body called ‘moolaathaar’. They on their high velocity spin produce bio – magnetic waves which are responsible for binding the body cells together, there by maintaining the body as a single unit. This bio – magnetic domain in the body called ‘causal body’, is also having its center at moolaathaar. In most living being the seed center is located also near moolaathaar.

The body health is highly dependent on the intensity of both life force particles and bio – magnetism at the seed center. The seed center is comprised of sexual vital fluid, seed cells, life force particle and bio – magnetism. A clear understanding about the sexual vital fluid and its role in the maintenance of the body and mind is essential.

Sexual vital fluid

The food we take is finally refined to ‘ojus’ (sexual vital fluid) on its seventh transformation. It is deposited as ectoplasmic coating around each seed cell and as energy stock in sexual accessory glands. Sexual accessory glands transform the vital energy into suitable sex hormones and supportive bio chemicals needed to the seed cells. This composite is called sexual vital fluid. The quantity of life force particles is dependent on the quantity and quality of vital fluid and thereby the intensity of bio – magnetism.

In children, Ojus is deposited at the base of the brain. This energy is used by the life force particle to build the physical body up to ten two twelve years. Children up to that age have their seed cells in dormant stage. When the growth is completed, the vital energy ojus is diverted to the seed center and the seed cells and the related accessory glands are activated. Children attain puberty. Changes occur both in mind and physique and attraction to opposite sex develops as sexual urge.

At this stage of learning attention is diverted and performance in education is affected. Some involve in masturbation and lose the very precious vital fluid without knowing its role and values. They become weak, lose interest in education and involve in undesirable activities ruining the whole of their life. Some become unwanted elements, creating social disturbances. At this stage of adolescence imparting this knowledge will be very useful to them and also to the society.

Those who enter normal married life should also realize the value of sexual vital fluid, develop consciousness in their conjugal life and adapt moderation in that. Abstaining from sexual involvement is not needed. Chastity in the partnership with proper understanding about the goal of life will lead to a satisfactory and peaceful life.

Thoughtless expenditure of bio-magnetism – consequences

 “Spending in lavish the stock force

Makes loss of prestige and intelligence!

Stealthy and unwanted wherever go;

Continues in all the seven progenies to go!”

                                                    – Poetess, Sage Avvaiyar


Of living being mankind is unique because of its rational thinking and perfection. When he thinks about his origin, he finds the Supreme Absolute Space, attributed as the Divine, be the cause. Through its functional order called consciousness, it has transformed itself into universe and also as self. The irrefutable and ineffaceable law of nature called cause and effect system infuse in him the morality in his actions. The interrelationship between the self, society and nature is well realized. Morality, duty and charity become his virtuous way of life. Perfection, sublimation and attainment is possible in one’s own life span. Towards this goal of life, understanding and maintaining good health physically, mentally, spiritually and socially is essential.

The knowledge of inter relationship between sex and spirituality was   well understood by the great ‘Siddha Sages’ of India and given to the society as a system called ‘Kaya Kalpa Yoga’. Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi through his deep research on Yoga had streamlined   and simplified the system in such a manner that it is adaptable by all age groups in all walk of life. For further detail please contact