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Anboli is a monthly spiritual magazine containing the articles by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi on different subjects. To subscribe to the magzine, kindly adhere to the following instructions

Modes of Payment
  • A Demand Draft can be drawn in favor of "Editor, ANBOLI" and sent along with the subscription address.
  • The amount can also be remitted to our ICICI Bank account number : 606201073236 and the receipt be sent along with the subscription address.
Detailed instructions
  • Mention the language of your choice. Anboli comes in both English and Tamil languages, carrying articles independent of each other. Interested persons can subscribe to both languages.
  • Individuals who want to subscribe to the magazine should send 2 copies of their address written in BLOCK LETTERS, in English only, along with the payment.
  • Please write your full address in BLOCK ENGLISH LETTERS along with PIN CODE of your place. Sometimes magazines dispatched by us are returned back due to incorrect or inadequate address.
  • WCSC SKY Trusts remitting subscriptions collected from their members, should furnish 2 copies of addresses in their letterheads in BLOCK LETTERS (in English only). "ANBOLI" Subscription amount should be sent separately without mixing with any other Accounts.
  • Subscriptions should reach ANBOLI Office on or before the 13th of every month to ensure dispatch of the magazine from the succeeding month. Magazines will be sent only from the third month for the subscriptions received after the 13th.
  • Change of address, if any, should be intimated before 2nd, so that the forthcoming issue of magazine can be mailed to the new address.
  • If the magazine is not received due to loss in transit or for any other reasons, the subscriber concerned can contact us quoting the subscription number etc. to enable us to dispatch a spare copy. Quoting of subscription number is mandatory.
  • Lifetime (Deposit) Subscription: On Deposit of the specified amount, the magazine will be sent to you until a time that you decide to discontinue the subscription. Upon your request the amount deposited will be refunded in full to you. As the Deposit subscription amount is decided based on the interest rate of the banks, the amount may be revised in the future. The subscribers will then have to pay the difference in the deposit amounts upon notification.
Bank Details
Anboli - ICICI Bank
  • Account Name: Anboli
  • S.B. A/c.No: 606201073236
  • IFSC Code: ICIC0006062
  • Branch : Erode
Anboli - City Union Bank
  • Account Name: WCSC - Anboli
  • A/c.No. 059001002005787
  • IFSC-Code: CIUB0000059
  • Branch: Erode
Vethathiri Publications icici
  • Account Name: Vethathiri Publications
  • A/c.No: 606201073237
  • Branch: Erode
  • IFSC-Code: ICIC0006062.
Vethathiri Publication City Union Bank
  • Account Name: WCSC-Vethathiri Publications
  • A/c.No: 059001002005785
  • Branch: Erode
  • IFSC-Code: CIUB0000059
Period of subscription Within India Outside India
1 Year (12 Issues) Rs 120 Rs 500
2 Years (24 Issues) Rs 240 Rs 1000
3 Years (36 Issues) Rs 360 Rs 1500
Deposit Rs 1500 Rs 8000
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